Klassy comes from my personal experience getting pregnant.

Klassy comes from my personal experience getting pregnant.

My name is Cristina and yes, I am the mother of a beautiful child in addition to fashion and jewelry designer. And I'm waiting for the second!

When you get pregnant enter a euphoric moment, you feel beautiful and why not? Also sexy! You start looking for clothes according to their status and problems arise.

I could not find clothes that reflect the time he was living: I wanted to feel very comfortable, attractive, different and special.

So I created the klassy.es online store. He wanted to bring quality and design garments pregnant and with special interest that our designs are unique. We like our moms are comfortable, beautiful and not have to give up their own style.

And with the brand made in Spain! Quality, design and innovation.

Furthermore, we have it all thought klassy. If you stop wearing clothes when you have your baby you can sell it in our Second Hand section.

We want your nine months to be truly unforgettable!

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